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Jane Reldan, M.D.







Family Medicine

Dr. Jane Reldan is a La Jolla family doctor with over 35 years of experience treating patients of all ages. Affectionately known as Dr. Jane to her beloved patients, she is renowned for giving everyone as much time and attention as their individual needs require.

Dr. Reldan's family practice in La Jolla can assist with all of your general medical needs, including:

  • Physical Exam / General Check-up
  • Immunizations and Vaccines
  • Women's and Men's Preventive Care, e.g., Pap Smear, Prostate Exam
  • Depression / Anxiety / Insomnia
  • Acute and Chronic Illness, e.g., High Blood Pressure

Dr. Reldan is held in the highest regard by her colleagues. She is a Voluntary Assistant Clinical Professor with the UCSD School of Medicine, where she has been teaching second- and third-year students for nearly a decade. She is also a champion of patient advocacy as well as a firm believer in the healing power of a strong and trusting doctor-patient relationship. Each patient visit is scheduled for one hour in order to allow adequate time for the individual. Dr. Reldan believes in continuity of care for the entire family.

The view from Dr. Reldan's office

The family practice office of Dr. Jane Reldan is located in the heart of downtown La Jolla, on the third floor of the El Patio Building at Ivanhoe and Prospect. Click here for detailed driving directions, and a map can be found here.

Dr. Jane Reldan normally sees patients at her La Jolla family practice Monday through Friday. An appointment is required. For more information, or to set up an appointment with La Jolla family doctor Jane Reldan, please call (858) 349-0613.





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